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EarHub, Sleepwell Soft Premium Silicone Earplugs, 3 Pairs

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CUSTOM FIT – EarHub Sleepwell Silicone earplugs are mouldable to fit any ear shape or size.

Made of high-grade premium silicone, ideal to help you sleep peacefully until the morning.

Suitable to wear all night (or day for night shift workers). Helping you achieve deeper sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and rested after a great night’s sleep.


SNR 27dB – EarHub earplugs reduce noise by 27 SNR dB, helping to block out unnecessary disturbance and keep your ears safe in noisy environments.


REUSABLE – EarHub Silicone earplugs are WASHABLE in warm, soapy water to keep them clean and hygienic ready for a great night’s sleep.


EASY TO USE – If you are a new user of earplugs or just not sure if you are doing it right, we have easy to follow how to use information on this page and on our packaging.

Designed to be worn over the ear canal they create an airtight seal which helps stop your precious sleep being interrupted by snoring partners, noisy neighbours, or external traffic noise.


INCLUDES COMPACT TRAVEL CARRY CASE – EarHub products come with a compact plastic travel carry case to keep the earplugs dry, clean and ready to use.

The perfect travel companion ideal for flights, other travel, and everyday use. Ideal for easy storage.


MULTI FUNCTIONAL – EarHub silicone earplugs have so many uses and make the ideal hearing protection to have at hand.

Perhaps you need to block out unwanted noise when studying, protecting your ears during DIY, or mowing the lawn, or just five minutes peace from the world.

They are fully waterproof so not only ideal for sleeping, but also perfect for those wanting to protect your ears from water when in the shower, bath, or swimming.

Also helps against swimmers’ ear when used during watersports activities such as surfing, canoeing, and water skiing.


QUALITY PRODUCTS – Your wellbeing is a priority, EarHub products are all CE certified and meet the necessary regulations for relevant EU hearing protection standards.

Our EarHub Sleepwell silicone earplugs are made of quality silicone which is BPA free and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Being soft to touch, you will find them comfortable to wear all day and all night.