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SwedSafe – Original Soft Foam Earplugs, 5 pairs, 37dB SNR

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Original are the most popular earplug from SwedSafe. It has high attenuation (sound blocking) that removes unwanted and disturbing sounds. Perfect to create a calm sleeping environment. Optimized fitting through two sizes to fit everyone.

Original is made of soft polymer foam with long expansion time, which makes them easy to insert. The x-emboss in the back also makes them easy to remove.

Size Large is suitable for medium and large ear canals.

Well-suited for

  • Sleeping
  • Shooting
  • Studying
  • Traveling

When should I throw away my earplugs?
The attenuation never changes from reusing plugs. The reason for throwing foam plugs away is dirt – usage makes them dirty and they can’t be cleaned. We don’t want dirt in our ears, so throw them away when you can see dirt or earwax on them.