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SwedSafe – Cool Soft Foam Earplugs, 5 pairs, 33dB SNR

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SwedSafe Cool Earplugs: Especially for smaller ear canals!

SwedSafe Cool earplugs are designed for narrower ear canals for girls and women.
With their high insulation value, they are perfect for use at work or for sleeping.
Material expands slowly to facilitate insertion. Integrated X marking makes it easy to remove the earplug.

Applications of SwedSafe Cool:

These earplugs are real all-rounders: whether for sleeping in construction noise or with a snoring partner, for children with learning disabilities or for use at work, SwedSafe Cool protects the ears safely and comfortably.

Other applications include concerts and festivals, sports shooting and hunting, car racing, motorcycling, etc.
Of course, our ear plugs are free of harmful substances, skin-friendly and subject to the highest quality standards – after all, they are manufactured in Sweden, the pioneer in hearing protection of all kinds.