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Noise-X Earplugs Silicone 3 Pairs

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Silicone earplugs are mouldable, comfortable and easy to use. And if you don’t like cotton wool they are the perfect replacement for our wax earplugs. They are as easy to mould as putty and are designed to seal over your ear canal rather than going inside the canal like our foam ear plugs, they easily conform to the shape of your ears which making them probably the most comfortable ear plugs available from Noise-x.

These Silicone earplugs can be used several times but should be replaced when the earplugs become dirty or start to lose their stickiness when you are rolling them before insertion.

Our Silicone earplugs are the great all rounder they can be used for swimming, sleeping or for a bit of peace and quiet while you study. If you want to keep water out of your ears when you are swimming, doing water sports or just in the bath or shower our mouldable silicone earplugs are the perfect solution as they seal water out.

These earplugs are also a very popular choice for sleeping as they are so comfortable, and they don’t stick out of the ears as other earplugs may. Although these mouldable silicone earplugs don’t offer as much noise blocking as foam earplugs, they are great at dulling very loud snoring and other noises but still allow you to hear your kids calling you when you are swimming or your alarm clock in the morning, meaning you won’t be late for work but you will get a refreshing night’s sleep.

Regardless, of what you are doing our silicone earplugs are the best all round earplug you can get whether you need them for swimming, studying, travelling or just to get a better night’s sleep our mouldable silicone earplugs are the best solution.


1. Soften the earplug by rolling between thumb and forefinger.

2. Shape the earplug to fit over your ear canal.

3. Push the earplug over the ear canal as shown in the pictures above.


Do not push too deeply into ear

Keep out of reach of children

If the user has a perforated ear-drum or ear infection please consult a doctor before use