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Noise-X Earplugs Wax Cotton 6 Pairs

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Noise-X Wax cotton earplugs 6 pairs wax earplugs generally consist of a blend of wax and cotton fibres, the cotton fibres help hold the wax earplugs together but should be removed before use.

These wax earplugs are amongst the most comfortable earplug to use apart from silicone earplugs as they are designed to seal the ear canal, rather than going inside the ear canal itself.

Wax earplugs will fit pretty much everyone regardless of ear shape or size due to the unique way they can be moulded.

Wax earplugs soften the more heat is applied so the longer you wear them, The more they soften and conform to fit your ears.

Because of the comfort and fit wax earplugs afford they are a popular choice for sleeping, as the wax earplugs don’t protrude from your ear and continue to soften while you sleep. This makes them great for wearing whilst you sleep, even if you sleep on your side.

They are also a good choice for studying, relaxation or for general hearing protection in mildly noisy environments. Whilst you can use wax earplugs for swimming we would recommend silicone earplugs or swimmers earplugs as a better option for swimming.

Please note that these moldable wax earplugs don’t offer as much noise blocking as other types of earplugs such as foam bullet or barrel earplugs. So if you’re looking to block out your partner’s snoring they won’t do the job completely, however, the lower SNR rating on moldable wax plugs can also become a great safety benefit. They will block a lot of background noise noise whilst still letting you hear your children calling, your phone ringing, or your alarm clock when you need to wake up, making wax earplugs are perfect for blocking out low to moderate noise while sleeping.

SNR = 20dB