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Moldex 6409 Rockets Detectable

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Detectable Moldex Rockets have a new metal detectable cord and a bright blue colour for easy compliance checks to help in any hearing protection program and therefore making them ideal for food processing applications.

With a handle built in for easy insertion and extraction, these Moldex earplugs are incredibly easy to wear.

They are reusable earplugs made from a soft material to ensure comfort during long term wear.  Their bright colours make them ideal for wear at work as they can be easily spotted during a compliance check.

Ideal for those wanting to reduce the noise surrounding them instead of blocking it out.

The air bubble in the tip provides cushioned support for all day wear.  The soft flexible flanges provide a superior seal and will fit most size ear canals.

These earplugs come with a pocket pack for storage, and are washable with mild soap and warm water. For extra safety and convenience Moldex Rocket metal detectable ear plugs are corded to promote longer use and prevent loss.

SNR 27dB